Thursday, July 1, 2010

Needs More Skulls

The Womble and I were setting up BUMFAT (Brisbane's ultimate medieval fair and tournament, boy did they hate it when we started including the ultimate) and had finished setting up the SCA encampment. SCA puts in a solid attempt to be medieval. We don't always manage all that much, but we strive, and sometimes we can shine.

Well, we ran into some guys who were having a ball of a time, swinging swords around, wearing armour, and generally convincing other people to join them, especially hot chicks. Said hot chicks liked to swing swords around wearing very small lycra suits. Nothing wrong with that AT ALL, but it's not medieval.

Anyway, back to the story. After setting up, we went along to see these other guys setting up their display tent. It was a massive square army tent. To medievalize/ fantasize it a bit more, they had decorated it with fake human skulls on each of the points, lots of attached branches, a few banners, and a huge bull skull over the main peak. Womble and I were looking at this quietly, trying to come up with an encouraging phrase.

The guy from the group came up to us and said "Yeah I know" in an upset tone. We looked at him, and looked at the tent. "Needs more skulls."