Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lemony Freshness

No shit, there I was, Lochac Rowany Festival 2016. It was the first night after arrival, and we had a solid day of driving and setting up tents. Aemyr brewed a lemon based sweet concoction, about 6% alcohol, semi-sweet, very nice, very quaffable.

We had way, way too much. So much so that everyone had it go through them a bit. So we were all sharing a campsite portaloo. There was the usual moaning and groaning of those who had drunk too much, and noises best left undescribed.

For the rest of festival, that portaloo did not smell like a cesspit - it smelled like lemons. The legend of lemony freshness has begun, and we insisted that it was the first night drink in 2017. It worked again.